1. Dark Summer on Flickr.

  2. Ooooooo scary ghost in the garden. #ghost #Halloween #garden

  3. Our old printed banner for shows. #gloomth

  4. Dark Summer on Flickr.

  5. Dark Summer on Flickr.


  6. A very big bear named Boyfriend

    A very big bear named Boyfriend

    A silly personal post for a Friday! For about a year now I’ve been wanting to find a giant teddy for photoshoots. Ideally I wanted one of those hideous unnaturally colored poorly-made stuffed toys of the 1960′s as I so love tacky vintage things.

    giant teddy bear on transit

    So when I saw this very large brown bear at a thrift shop for $6 I had to have him! Even if he has really nowhere proper to sit in my apartment…

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  7. So we now have a giant bear for shoots.. #bear #teddy #TTC #streetcar

  8. Behind the scenes we discovered no one likes tomato juice. #gloomth #gothic #photoshoot #vampire #fangs

  9. Dark Summer on Flickr.

  10. Dark Summer on Flickr.